Saturday, January 29, 2011

Gung Hay Fat Choy!

...or something sort of like that! Happy Chinese New Year, folks! The actual day is February 3 this year, but Our China Angels group celebrated tonight. Emma was so excited to wear her special outfit. I had bought a few outfits in China, but the ones that fit are more summer-y. A sweet student in my class last year bought a beautiful outfit for Emma at none other than Dollywood during their Festival of was perfect for tonight! I was glad that she was able to wear this outfit for such a special occasion. Thanks Logan!

We had a delicious dinner catered by our favorite Chinese restuarant.  Emma especially loved the noodles and the oranges.

She liked dancing to the music that was playing...

Then, it was time for the parade.  The children lined up by province and we marched around the room.  There is one other child from Shaanxi - Lily.  Her family actually loaned us a duffle bag to take to China.  And Lily's sister, Sophie, was the one who gave Emma her beloved "Doggie."

This is the Year of the Rabbit.  I am actually a's supposed to be the luckiest of all signs...I certainly did get lucky with Emma!

Not at all sure what THIS face was for...

Most of the time, Emma is a very healthy eater, however, she does love her candy.  Here she's eating a sucker and opening a chocolate kiss.  Funny girl!

Project Orphan Blessing is a ministry that helps orphans around the world.  They give care packages as well as help provide food and clothes for children in need.  Each year, we have a Love tree.  Children fill red envelopes with money and hang them on the tree with a prayer that the Lord would take that money and help those in need.  Emma seemed to know just what to do!  She walked right up to the tree and hung the envelopes on the branch.

The children from Living Hope's Training Center performed several dances.  They were truly amazing!  Sadly, with the lights low and the distance, my pictures did not turn out very well...

Emma was mesmerized and watched every move they made...well, between trips around the table to sit with Nana....and then back around the table to sit with momma.  Funny girl!

One of the songs they performed to was "No Orphan of God."  Such a moving I looked at my girl watching them and listening to the words of the song, my heart was so torn...overjoyed that Emma is no longer an orphan...overwhelmed with grief for the thousands...the millions who have no one...Thankful that Jesus has adopted us...that we are heirs to His throne.

My tears turned to laughter as Emma - the ham - decided to put on her own dance performance.

Later, all of our children went to the stage to sing a few songs.  Emma was a little intimidated by the crowd, but still seemed to enjoy the songs.

Finally...a Chinese New Year with my girl...I waited a long time for this!

Happy New Year!


Joy said...

Happy New Year!!

When the China Angels group was in PA in November, I got to see them perform twice. I am not usually an emotional person, but I lost it when they sang the Orphan of God song.

Susan said...

Happy year of the rabbit for the sweetest of all bunnies! We love you both ahhh sooo much!!!