Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sweet Memories

When I was a little girl and I spent the night with my Granny and Papaw, I would often sleep in one of Papaw's undershirts.  Other times, they made perfect long dresses.  I really enjoyed playing dress up...and came up with some doozy outfits...I am pretty sure those are panty hose on my head.

The other night, we were at my parent's house and I had taken Emma's special Chinese New Year outfit off.  Instead of putting that back on her, we put her in one of Dad's undershirts. 

She thought she was something else!  She has worn it to sleep the past 2 nights and at nap.  Love how sweet she looks in it...and it takes me back to staying with my grandparent's.


Chrissy said...

how sweet! Hope you are doing GREAT!!

The Raudenbush Family said...

Oh, I have sweet memories of the same thing. :)

Is she getting cuter every week or what?