Sunday, April 24, 2011

Emma's First Easter Egg Hunt

Emma and I have been practicing hiding and finding eggs.  I tell her to cover her eyes while I hide the eggs.  She totally watches where I hide them and then acts as if finding every one is a surprise!  Today, we got to do the real thing!  We went to the Easter Egg hunt at the church where I grew up.    Emma called it an "Easter bunt."  I think she was combining "Easter Bunny" and "Easter Egg Hunt" - so funny!   Eggs were not in short supply, I tell you!  In fact, I think there were more eggs than grass!  Our basket wasn't nearly big enough!
Garron found it more fun to find eggs and give them to Emma than put them in his own basket.  Sweet boy!

Later, we blew bubbles...LOTS of bubbles!

To finish the egg hunt, we had a few chips with Garron and Uncle Gary.

I think Emma really enjoyed her first egg hunt!

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