Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

For the past several years, I remember sitting up on Easter Eve
and being sad that there was no tiny Easter dress ironed and hanging in the closet frilly socks big bow
...just so sad that my girl wasn't with me yet. 

This year is totally different!

The dress is...well it's in the wash, but it will be ironed and ready
The frilly socks are laid out by the white mary jane shoes.
The bow...the BIG bow- is ready.  I joke and say, "the bigger the bow, the closer to God!"
The Easter Bunny has come and left a fun stash of goodies.

This Easter, I am so thankful to be able to share the fun with my sweet girl. 
But more than Easter egg hunts and chocolate bunnies,
I want her to know that Jesus is why we celebrate. 

Every night, we read a Bible story.  We've been going through "The Jesus Storybook Bible."  I love that for kids her age!  The other night, we had read our story and I was just telling her more about how much Jesus loves her.  Every time I would pause, she would say, "More Jesus." 
My girl has a heart for the Lord already and I love that! 
I pray that she will always have such a receptive spirit. 

My sweet girl, may you always know how much Jesus loves you!  He knows every bit of your story - He knows the good, the bad, the sad...He knows it all.  My greatest prayer for you is that you will continue to desire to know more about Jesus and that you will make the choice to call Him your Savior.  He loves you, Emma Lan...more than you will ever be able to fathom!

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