Sunday, June 12, 2011

Ahhhhh! The Beach!

I have been looking forward to this week for months!  We headed out Saturday morning for Myrtle Beach.  Emma was a great thankful for that!  Emma's been looking forward to this week she could swim everyday!  She was quick as lighning getting ready for the pool/beach this morning! 
All smiles in her float!  She's getting more and more comfortable in the water.

There's a little 1 foot pool that is her favorite.  She wouldn't get too close to the waterfall though. 

I finally talked her into letting the waterfall fill up her bucket...

Later, when Nana got ready, we all headed to the beach. I wasn't sure how Emma would react to the ocean and the sand.  She doesn't like to be dirty.  She is also very timid in new environments and situations.  She wanted to be carried - no surprise there!  I did finally get her to get down and walk a bit... 

She started to get a bit more comfortable.

I was really surprised when she finally went to the water's edge!

Time to play in the sand!  When I first took her shoes off, she kept trying to wipe all the sand off her feet...I kept telling her it was no use, but she was trying so hard!  She finally gave up and just started playing...then she didn't seem to mind it at all.

Dad would make the mold...and she would tear it down...she thought that was hysterical!

We stayed at the beach for awhile, then she was ready to go back to the pool.  We played for a bit and then headed up for lunch and a nap. 

Look at the bug that was crawling on my dad at the beach!  Emma wants to bring him home.

I don't think so!

We are heading out for a seafood dinner later...yum!

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