Wednesday, June 15, 2011

More Fun at the Beach

I guess Emma was worn out after a morning of swimming...
while I made her lunch, she made her own bed on the floor!

Just guess what we ate for dinner...

There's a hint on Emma's dress...

Mom couldn't crack them fast enough -  Emma loved them!

No one but Papa can push Emma in the stroller!  He drives her around all crazy and she just belly laughs!  She kept telling him, "HIGHER, Papa!  HIGHER!"  I guess she meant "faster."  So funny!

We took a break from walking and shopping to have a drink by this water fountain. 
A little duck had made it it's home.  Emma kept quacking at it. 

Then she saw the carousel and HAD to ride. 
Once we got on though, she didn't want on a horse. 
 Silly girl! 
She did eventually get on one, but held on to me for dear life!

We've seen fireworks the past 2 nights.  Emma has a love/hate relationship with them.  She likes the look, but not the sound.  There were times she'd call out, "Oh!  That's Emma's favorite!"  And there were times she'd bury her head in my neck.  Sweetness...

Other funny things...
Last night in the car, she told us that we were driving her crazy!

She's a clever little booger. 
 Often, Papa will say, "I love you Emma" in a little sing song way. 
 For the longest time, Emma would pipe back, "I love you Papa." 
Well now, she's decided to be funny and will pipe back, "I love you Nana." 
 (or momma, or Max...whatever she decides is funniest at the time.) 
 Then she just laughs hysterically!

We are having a great time!  Emma loves that she gets to swim every day in her choice of pools...there are several here...and a lazy river too!  She's enjoying that.  She gets in her ring, and I get in mine and we relax our way around a few times...then she's ready to splash in the other pools again.

Fun memories being made...

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