Sunday, September 18, 2011

Harvest Moon Fun

tonight we met with our China Angels support group for our Harvest Moon Celebration.  We met at a local corn maze.  First, we went on a hayless hay ride.  Emma thought this was the bee's knees!  She kept saying, "This so much fun!"
Then we had a balloon release to honor all of our angels...
Emma chose a purple balloon.  Lots of balloons found their way to the sky before the magic word.  Emma held on to hers...surprisingly.

"are you watching me, Momma?"

She was mesmerized watching the balloons float through the was precious!
There was a super fun horse swing!

The giggles were infectious!

There were sweet goats...

And great photo opportunities!

She was quite the ham tonight!

We bought a pumpkin to decorate..and a glow in the dark necklace cause they are super cool!

She really got in to decorating her pumpkin.  The preschool teacher in me was super proud of the way she used the glue and put the lids on the markers!

She stayed very busy...

even after all the other kids had gone...she remained...still decorating her pumpkin...

she was super proud of the finished product...and I was so proud of my sweet girl!

What a great Harvest Moon celebration!


SavingsInSeconds said...

Angie, she is just precious!!! We MUST get together and let Luke & Eliza get a hold of Emma!
Dianna (Dede)

Shelley said...

Hey Ang...Emma is SO precious and growing so very fast!!!! I know you are enjoying her so much!
I have finally updated my a new laptop and found the cord to transfer pictures!!! Now I just have to get back into the habit of blogging again. :-)

ruzzel01 said...

Take care of her. She is your lucky charm.
da vinci arizona