Thursday, November 24, 2011

I have become THAT blogger

When I was in the process of adopting, I found such comfort in reading blogs of other families in the process.  I would read them so much that I would feel so connected to I was part of their family...their dearest friend...even though we'd never met.  I would feel such excitement as their travel day approached.  I would cry watching videos of their "Gotcha Day" and following their travels.  But then, when they returned to the states, the blogging would slow and suddenly, this family I'd grown so close to, was just "not around" as much.  I was always so frustrated that they would stop blogging just when there was so much to share! 

Now, I have become THAT blogger.  I have about a million posts in my head (and on my camera) but time and energy just seem to fail me.  Now if I could bottle some of Emma's energy, there would be blogging 24/7!  That girl makes the energizer bunny look tame!

So here I am...Thanksgiving break is here and I ahve some time to relax and I hope to catch up just a bit...Especially with the holidays and all the fun that has here goes...

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