Thursday, November 24, 2011

My Alma Mater

I was so blessed this year to be able to host my friend Jen and her family during our college homecoming.  It was a bit insane to add 2 more adults and 3 energetic boys to the household!  It was fabulous!  Emma was smitten with all of the boys, but especially Simon who is just a couple of weeks older than her.  She kept calling him "her favorite boy."  Priceless!  
On Saturday, we all went to campus for a parade and fun inflatables.  It was a GORGEOUS day...can you believe how beautiful this one it with our chapel in the background?

The kids were ready for the parade!  They knew there was candy to be thrown so they wanted a front row seat!

I think Emma wants Ezra to be her boyfriend!
My Milligan cheerleader in action!  She was WAY excited about these cool pom-poms!

After all the campus fun had been had, we headed home.  I was hoping to keep her awake on the 40 minute drive so she would nap once we got home.  I thought a drink and apples would do the trick...

Not so much!

No kidding...she slept the ENTIRE way home just like this.  Such a hoot!

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