Thursday, November 24, 2011

Halloween fun!

Ever heard of Miss Pattycake?  She is Emma's hero!  Miss Pattycake has been our best friend and is the only way we made it through a very LONG drive to and from Pennsylvania and an even longer trip this summer to Missouri and Indiana.  Seriously...she watched the video on "repeat play" almost the whole time we were in the car!  She LOVES her some Miss Pattycake.  We got  to see her in concert in September and Emma actually got to sit on her lap.  (that's one of those posts I just realized I haven't made...)  So when they had the dress for sale just like Miss Pattycake, I knew we had to have it...and with Halloween coming up, it seemed perfect.  Emma was a doll!  We had such a fun night trick-or-treating. 
We stopped by Nana and Papa's house...

I must have taken a blue million pictures...but these are the cutest!  She calls these, well any Mary Jane shoes, her Miss Pattycake shoes!  See her pointing her toe?

Papa was working, so we had to stop by there to see him.  He even had prepared a little treat bag for her...with the help of Nana!

She and Papa made silly faces and giggled themselves silly!

Such a fun time...and there's still (a month later) so much candy left!

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