Friday, November 25, 2011

Our new friend

Last night, Emma and I read the story The Elf on the Shelf.  We talked about what we would name our elf when he showed up.  I listed some names and Emma chose "Ralphie."  (an ode of course to one of my favorite Christmas flicks!)  I told her that she could tell Ralphie what she wanted for Christmas and he would tell Santa for her.  A kitty has been top on her well as a grilled cheese sandwich.  Not.Even.Kidding.  The girl is a nut!  I told her that Santa doesn't deal in live animals, but that Uncle Tom and Aunt Lara have a kitty named Ace that she will be able to play with while we are visiting them at CHristmas.  She thought the name Ace was such a hoot.  So, our elf is named Ralphie Ace.

I told her that Ralphie Ace would show up in the morning and she would have to find him.  At first, she was a little leary about an elf showing up in our house.  "Will he bite me?"  "Will he be mean to me?"  I had to set her mind at ease, that Ralphie Ace was very nice and was going to be here to help us and have fun. 

This morning as we came down the stairs, I reminded her that we would have to be on the lookout for Ralphie Ace.  I opened the pantry to get what we needed for breakfast and low and behold THERE HE WAS!  He was sitting in our pantry eating Emma's left over candy from Halloween!  He had candy wrappers everywhere and had a half eaten candy bar in his arms!  Emma thought this was hysterical and immediately wanted her chocolate back.  I had to remind her that we can't touch Ralphie or his magic will rub off. 

After breakfast, we were in the living room and I heard Max on the table which he KNOWS he is not supposed to do. 

I shewed him down and dramatically told Ralphie Ace what Max was doing so he could report it back to Santa.  Emma thought that was totally hysterical and has been telling Ralphie so many things...what Max does that's bad...what she does that's good...I am cracking up watching her standing at the pantry door talking to Ralphie.  What fun memories!

Wonder what Ralphie Ace will get in to next?  Stay tuned!  Let the holiday fun begin!

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