Friday, November 25, 2011

A photo post...

I have so many pictures that are fun...but not quite a whole here is a random collection of pictures...the lazy way to catch up!

Some people have milk mustaches...not my girl!  She has a RANCH mustache!

Taking her Elmo backpack for show and tell at school.

Nothing better than an afternoon playing games!

Think I need a dentist!

Our China Angel gals are preparing some dances for Chinese New Year this year.  Emma enjoys it...although it takes her almost the whole class to warm up and begin dancing.  Hopefully she will dance at the actual celebration!

Emma loves all things girly.  My friend Syd let her put on her own makeup one night.  SHe did quite well...however, she was not too keen on having her picture taken!

She looks like Eddie Munster in this one! the thumb.  We are working on that one. 
I told her the other day that she could suck her thumb in her bed or her car seat, but not at other times. 
She thought for a minute and asked. "What's the rule again?" 
I told her and she thought again and then quipped,
"But can I suck my toe now though?" 
 I guess I should just let her suck her thumb!
Such a clever girl!

My friend, Elizabeth, surprised me at school with a package of pumpkin spice cakes and the cute turkey suckers.  Emma though they were so fun!

She was too distracted by her video for a photo shoot though!

Emma all dressed up and having fun at school!

"Sleeping Booty" napping at school!

Whew!  I need a nap now!

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