Friday, December 23, 2011

Fun with my girl

The weather here has been perfect!  Cool, but beautiful!  There is a park just across the street from Tom and Lara's.  This is the view of Monterey Bay...from their front door.  Pretty amazing view!
 Emma decided she wanted to roll up her pants...guess she was warmer than I was!

There are deer all over the base!  Emma calls them reindeer...guess it's the season!

We sat in this spot and watched them (about 8 of them) for at least 30 minutes.  Every once in a while they would eye us as if to say,"do you HAVE to stare at us?  Take a will last longer."

Emma was mesmerized!

more beautiful views...

There were also Canadian Geese everywhere.

Right before we walked back up the big hill to Tom and Lara's, we saw this sailboat in the bay.

Saying good bye to the geese...

Tom and Lara's cute house...

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