Friday, December 23, 2011

A Most Beautiful Day

We took a drive down to Pebble Beach.  I couldn't wait to say I had seen the Pacific Ocean!  It was so gorgeous...and so cold!

Tom and Dad spent a few minutes checking out the famous Pebble Beach Golf course.  Dad doesn't know, but his Christmas surprise is that he and Tom are playing that course on Monday.  I can say that on here because I know for a fact that my dad will not be checking the internet...he stays away from computers!  I can't wait to hear his reaction on Christmas day!

The we drove the famous 17 Mile and along Big Sur.  I couldn't believe the beauty!  THere were many places along the way to pull off and take pictures.  No camera could capture what it was like to be there!

We had to stop here...this rock is called, "China Rock."

Trying to get some sweet shots of my girl.  She's a moving target though!  Tough to get that pic!

So much of what we saw made me think I was in a Jane Austin movie.

And THIS was the craziest thing...
cows grazing right beside the ocean.  There wasn't a pull off spot, but I made Lara slopw down so I could try to get a picture.  If you know Lara, though, you know there is really no slowing her down!  So this was my best attempt!

This bridge is apparently kind of famous and is used in lots of commercials.  I don't know that I had ever seen it, but is was an awfully pretty place to stop!

We ended the day with lunch at this coolest restaurant.  The views were spectacular!  I was a wimp though and wanted to eat inside - the walls were windows though so you could still see the beauty...but the wind didn't cut through you!

There was an old telephone booth there...had to play!

What a day full of memories!  I am so glad we were able to come visit...and that the weather has been so perfect! 

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