Sunday, January 27, 2008

Lunch with friends...and a heater update

Today was special. I needed some me and God time so I took the day off from the church where I work as a part time children's director and I went to another church so that I could really focus. God spoke so gently to my heart through words and songs. After church I went out to eat with some dear friends that I haven't seen since summer. It was so much fun to eat and laugh and relax together. Here are some pics from the day!

Look, Dad! Tattoos! We could try for matching ones! Who says I am too little to drive this me!
Finley, Andrew, Kristen, Crystal, me, Christy, and Karisse. Larry - I didn't mean to exclude you when I handed you the rude! Thanks for taking the pic!
A close up of the R family that I just found out is moving...bummer! But blessings on them!

When I got home, I cound that my heater had been fixed. In true "redneck fashion" I had sent it to the porch for time out. My dad had one of his electrician friends give it a new cord. I was excited to have HEAT in the living room. I came in, plugged it in, cozied up in my chair and ZAP! Took out the power to one whole side of the house. The wiring is old in this house and I had forgotten that was why I didn't use that outlet and that is why it was hidden behind boxes. Brilliant! So it's back to it's original spot...where it will be checked daily...happy with it's new cord. Here's the bubbly part...pretty cool, huh?

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