Thursday, March 20, 2008

More Pictures...

I knew you were waiting on pictures of the condo progress...well, at least Susan was! :) Thanks for being my most faithful reader and commenter, Susan!

Sorry it's dark...but this is Max and Emma's playroom and MY GARAGE!!!!

The total picture of progress...I am sad that I couldn't quite fit the "J0bsite J0hnny" in the picture! At first I thought that I would be facing the back of the first set of it appears that I may be facing the pool area with the back of my condo facing the back of the first set. I think that might be even better!


Kristen said...

You have walls! Congratulations! That's something to celebrate!

Susan said...

What an honor! I'm so proud to be the most faithful of something!
They ARE making progress! How exciting!!! I think you will see it fly now. I can't wait to follow along and see the transformation from those grey drab blocks to Shabby Chic! :)
Think you could go spray paint a few pink roses on Emmas cinderblocks? Aw come on.

Kim said...

How exciting, first you are getting brand new place - no remodeling, no repairs - brand new!

And you get to see it built :) Day by day you get closer and closer. I am a very visual person, seeing it go up block by block might just do me in :)