Saturday, August 23, 2008

It happens twice a year...

My town is invaded twice every year by hundreds and thousands of race fans. Yep, I live in the same town as the "W0rld's fastest half mile!" The funny thing is, I am not a race fan in the least. But I must admit that I love to drive by the track during the race and see the sea of cars and campers. I tried to get some pictures to share with you to just give you a taste of the chaos, but it was too dark. It amazes me - people park 2-3 miles away in every direction of the track...every church lot, business lot, yard...everything possible is turned into a parking lot. It looks as if the entire area is one gigantic car/camper lot!
I took Max with me for the ride this year. We stopped on our way and I got a drink...he got a cheeseburger. The smells of all the food stands around the track were driving him nuts. I think he would have jumped out of the window if it had been down...which is exactly why I kept it up and the doors locked...he is a smart dog, you know!


Erica said...

I know the feeling. We have a huge event every April where people come from all over the country (a race of a different kind)to watch. I try to leave town because it is so congested with people, loud, and they leave so much trash! Thankfully I don't live near where they park.

Susan said...

I'm SO glad the weekend is over~!
Perhaps I'd feel differently if it were a stadium filled with Beth Moore conference

Gentlemen, turn off your engines now. :)