Monday, December 28, 2009

A good old fashioned family Christmas!

We had a great Christmas!  I was not feeling up to par, but it was still fun to be together.  Mom and Dad had to wake me up on Christmas morning...I had taken some of my pain meds during the night and it knocked me flat.

We opened our presents...even Max had presents to open...

My poor dad has to be  out in all kinds of weather...he gets a pair of ear muffs every year.

My brother and sister in law sent him a new putter...his clubs were stolen this past year so we are outfitting him again for his golf glame!  (notice the ever-present, Christmas cheer bringing movie in the background...and what a classic scene with the leg lamp in the window!)

My momma, her jewels and her new pewter platter in front of her tree.

See that giant "card" on the hearth?  My kiddos made that for me - each of them wrote me a sweet little card on the inside!  Makes me miss them!

Later in the day, my extended family came over.  We don't exchange gifts, but play games's just so much fun to be together!  usually there are small "prizes" to be given.  This year, my uncle decided to up the anty and bring some prizes of his own.  He brought some "treasures" he found in my Granny's drawers.  She passed away in May, but it was such a fun way for her to be a part of the day!  They were things that probably should have been thrown away LONG AGO...but that was my Granny...she didn't throw anything away.  One prize was the finger splint from when she smashed her finger in the car door - like 20 years ago.  Too bad it hurt so much to laugh!   Another was an old book of household tips...full of memorial folders from funerals over the past 15 years.  Unbelievable.  I won the book, "How to Clean Everything."  YAY!!  I see that as a little tongue-in-cheek gift from my Granny.  She was always cleaning...The woman vacuumed every day - at least once...her house was spotless.  Mine on the other hand...well, I could take a few lessons from my Granny!  What a fun way to remember the woman who taught me so much...I miss her, but trust that we will see each other again someday.

It was a fantastic Christmas...full of memories!  Hope your Christmas was full of special times with the people you love!


tiffany said...

Aww it sounds like a nice day! What a fun(ny) idea to include your granny and her silly stashed treasures. :)

The Raudenbush Family said...

oooo...that sounds so fun. We do a big family bingo game with prizes. It's sort of a white elephant type of thing. When you win, you can pick a wrapped gift from the pile or "steal" someone else's gift. It's always hilarious. :)

Cindy said...

Awwww, your Mom & Dad look so cute! So does Max :) Sounds like you had a very happy and love-filled Christmas... perfect! Merry Christmas friend!
PS I am leaving next week! :)
I will send you an invite to my travel blog, plus if you are on facebook, friend me and I will post updates there too!