Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Eve

Tom got these very attractive footie pj's for Lara and Mom. 
Christmas eve morning we all sat around the table drinking coffee and talking.  Emma had to have her "Coppee" too!  And what else but cookies for breakfast?

Warming her toes on Papa's coffee cup...

Gotta get every last drop!

Here she is in her Christmas coat from Aunt Amy after our candlelight service at church.  We joked that she looked like she was ready for the Russian tundra!  Dr. Zhivago, eat your heart out!

Tom loved seeing Em's "surprise face" - and she loved showing it to him!

I tried to get a pic of her in her dress...but she was pretty "done" with pictures.

Em with Uncle Tom and Aunt Lara...complete with Surprise faces!

Me and my sweet girl

Mom's family came over Christmas eve night for dinner and games.  We played a game Mom had seen on a TV show where you pull out all the tissues as quickly as you can...fastest team wins.  We made our own fun later with the tissues.

Playing Bingo with Papa. 

Uncle Tom makes a great horsey!  Giddy-up!

Reading Twas the Night Before Christmas...Emma made us all take turns reading.  It was quite comical!

Then we headed outside to sprinkle the reindeer dust.  Emma preferred to just pour it all out!

The video is very dark...but the occasional camera flash lights it up!

And the surprise face again for Uncle Tom!
Then, we had to set out cookies for Santa...we left him tea instead of milk.  This is the south, you know!

Off to bed, sleepy head!  Santa will be here soon!


amazeingteacher said...

LOVE the coat! beautiful!

Jen said...

Thank you for sharing! Emma is such a cutie!